Larss was a Mt. Sinai patient with rare neurological disorder.  He was a teaching tennis professional left partially paralyzed on his right side, not able to walk without assistance.  Now, after training with Skip utilizing the LNTS method, Larss is playing and teaching tennis again.

Sports Performance

Former PGA Tour Player
World #1, Master’s Champion and Ryder Cup Member

“Skip’s method has been great for me. It allowed me to get back on the course in just days after being laid off for weeks. I was able to compete at the highest levels once again.”

Cheryl Anderson
Former LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Mike Bender Academy, Orlando Florida

“I competed as a professional for eight years without winning a tournament, then I started training with Skip and the difference was almost immediate. My average driving distance in LPGA Tour events jumped from 212 to 241 yards after training with Skip. Since I started working with the Skip, I have won seven professional events and have been the Metropolitan PGA Women’s Player of the Year four consecutive seasons.”

Lee Ford
USA Archery Team

“You may have heard but I wanted to share the news. I am now a member of the 2012 U.S. Paralympics Team!! Trials were awesome last week. I’m super happy and honored and proud to represent the United States and archery in London this summer. I want to thank you for all your help and support over the past few years on this journey of mine, I couldn’t have gotten here without you. I’m attaching a picture from the announcement at Trials of who was going, photo credit to USA Archery. 3 months and 26 days till London…. I’ll be ready!”

Jake Kaminski
Olympic Silver Medalist USA Olympic Archery Team

“I can physically do things now that I could not perform before using LNTS. Hence, my shot making ability has improved tremendously.”

Steve Coleman
USA Warrior Archery Coach

Warrior Transition Unit Army Archery Coach Steve Coleman, “Skip and his method is the most significant protocol I have ever seen. The immediate neurological feedback is highly important when working with our Para Athletes. This is an incredible find for our military.”

Education and Curriculum

Dick Smith, PGA 
Past President 1991-92

“The LNTS program demonstrates the science, credibility, and the creation of the bridge between fitness, diagnostics, and practical application into the golf swing. Validated by the Pittsburgh Medical Center, the World Scientific Congress for Golf and several top 100 teachers and PGA Tour players and top college programs at Duke, Yale and Notre Dame, the program has been put to the test and we now have a swing training aid that reduces the physical limitations that are present in everyone’s swing. The practical application to the instructor is the ability to finally have their students move into the positions they could only talk about doing but never able to perform because of some physical limitation. Motor learning for performance is the difference; it will create another revolution for golf in a way that will truly and positively affect the ability to swing the club.”