LNTS and Test & Train Sports partner to deliver advanced training protocols for collegiate and pro athletes

New Cannan, CT and Irmo, SC – October 17, 2022 – Latella Neuromuscular Training Systems (LNTS) and Test & Train Sports today announced a strategic partnership to cross leverage years of data, deep knowledge, patented IP and unique content to deliver a highly-personalized, hybrid (in-person and virtual) model for today’s modern collegiate and pro athletes.

The new, integrated athlete development and training platform is being introduced to colleges and universities nationwide as well as regional and national physical therapy programs, starting with LNTS’ Peak Performance Network (PPN). Together, LNTS and Test & Train Sports will bring a comprehensive approach to the sports test assessment process and a human to machine-learning / sensing solution to neuromuscular training, changing the game on overall athlete development.

Under the agreement, LNTS will continue to build out a coaching base of certified professionals who will learn how to implement LNTS into their daily practices. Test and Train Sports will educate coaches and athletes on the utilization of LNTS and how it can positively impact their overall development and performance.

“We have been informally working with Kelly Ahrens and Test & Train for years now so it’s nice to finally formalize our business relationship, combine our programs and extend our respective capabilities,” said Skip Latella, Founder & CEO of LNTS. “With each of our companies owning patented processes, most coaches, institutions, and sports organizations will now be able to get the most advanced, holistic application of any athlete’s test, assessment, and development protocols moving forward.”

“We have utilized LNTS for over 5 years now and have seen first hand the incredible difference and positive impact it has on an athletes performance and recovery if injured,” said Kelly Ahrens, CEO and Athlete Engineer of Test & Trains Sports. “We look forward to building a brand and service that is recognized as the industry leader by working closely with leagues, teams, coaches, athletes and physical therapists who understand the LNTS platform as well as the Test & Train Sports athlete management system to measure their growth and development.”


About LNTS

Founded by CEO Skip Latella, Latella Neuromuscular Training Systems (LNTS) allows for the proper mapping and innervation of the Central Nervous System and delivers therapeutic solutions for clinics and in-home, self driven healthcare. The first-of-its-kind technology gives coaches the ability to custom-program the Neuro tensegrity needs of each individual athlete. It can be utilized anywhere to evaluate, assess, and prescribe patented neuromuscular training to the body and limbs for rehab or other sports tools. Skip Latella continues to provide the vision needed for performance and healthcare of the future. For more information, visit https://lntskinect.com/.


About Test & Train Sports

Test & Train Sports consults for high schools, colleges, professional organizations and committed athletes who seek accountability in athlete development. Services include Consulting, Athlete Management System, Mental MRI, Confidence & Consistency, Hitter Handicap, SFA, and Concussion Prevention. To learn more, visit https://testandtrainsports.com/.



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